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  • Ultimate Syntax |

    Bill Kennedy
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    Bill Kennedy
  • Ultimate Service Preview |

    Bill Kennedy
  • Ultimate Docker Preview |

    Jérôme Petazzoni
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ZipRecruiter The technical content was fantastic. I was impressed by Bill's ability to keep driving through technical deep dives. He does an excellent job of elucidating his views on development and supporting them with evidence. I loved that the training approached from programming principles and how to think about engineering and decisions rather than just being aimed at mastering Go.

PayPal Refreshing Go lang course with all the basics covered. You will see yourself shifting towards programming efficiently.

OutReach Bill was great, clearly very knowledgable and the course was structured in such a way that started with basic building blocks and continued to build on them throughout the 3 days.

Hallmark Labs The best Golang training I ever have! I like the way Bill engages and delivers his lessons. Well done Ardanlabs!

Zip Recruiter
Hallmark Labs

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